Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Articles & Advice!

I found this site to be very helpful, and informative regarding Suboxone & Subutex. It also includes a GREAT Subutex/Suboxone taper schedule to follow! It's the one I use now.....


And, the stories of success, that encouraged me....


Here is the taper from MedHelp.org, I was able to find VERY useful, and it works great for me!

Day 1 (8mg to 12mg) - If all you needed was less than simply find your dose and reduce a little slower or in 1mg doses. Day 2 (8mg to 12mg) Once a day.. or split into (2) 4mg or 6mg doses Day 3 (8mg to 12mg) Day 4 (6mg to 10mg) Day 5 (6mg to 10mg) Day 6 (6mg to 8mg) Day 7 (4mg to 8mg) Day 8 (4mg to 6mg) Day 9 (4mg to 6mg) Day 10 (2mg to 4mg) Day 11 (2mg to 4mg) Day 12 (2mg to 3mg) Day 13 (1mg to 2mg) (at around this point you may start to feel the reductions) Day 14 (1mg to 2mg) Day 15 (1mg to 2mg) Day 16 (.5mg to 1mg) (you can stop at this point if you are ready) Day 17 (.5mg to 1mg) Day 18 (.5mg to 1mg) Days 19 to 21- (.25mg to .5mg) if you can break/cut the pills this small, this low amount will make the wds as mild as possible. A long drawn out taper is not really needed if you are not yet physically addicted to the sub, so feel free to make up your own plan, just try to jump at around the 1mg mark for the easiest overall time. (Short term sub detoxes only)


  1. I just found a website that claims to have "an Advanced Nutraceutical System that works to reduce or alleviate virtually ALL the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, without having to rely on another habit-forming drug like Suboxone!" Pure Health Group

    1. Sounds like one of those hallucinogenic or psychedelic scams. My opinion? Another drug isn't gonna help you get off drugs. And with the bullshit us opiate addicts do for our fix?
      Is there REALLY any kinds "shock" or "scare" tactic that's gonna deter us from imbibing those sweet sweet (yet bitter) pills???
      Fuck all the shortcuts and "cures" that are offered through the TV and internet right now. The only reason this bullshit's around now is that with the economy in the toilet and less people employed, drug abuse is more than likely higher than it has been in years, and we addicts aren't exactly experts in patience, hahaha.
      So OF COURSE there's a neutraceutical system that alleviates ALL the symptoms of withdrawal and shoots rainbows out of a unicorn's ass and gives you a puppy blah blah blah...it's all just to get your money.
      These people are NO different from your dope or pill dealer--they're just legal.

  2. http://bit.ly/RTMrToots